Quick post: DIY Project I want to try

28 May

Ok so I am searching the web for anyone who may have done an amazing DIY Backdrop for their wedding reception, and I ran across this:


I know it had nothing to do with my search but I still find it to be absolutely adorable!! I want to try it out!!!

So look for an update to this post really soon showing how it turned out!

If your interested in instructions o how to do it i got them from Hey Gorgeous:The Blog

I would love to see pics if you try this DIY.

Live laugh love



Website Review: Are you a smarty??

27 May

I recently ran across a website called Smarty Had a Party and found them to be the best place to find the majority of the things I needed! I found it to be cheaper to buy table clothes from them then renting at around $7 per table or a case of 24 for $120 moving the cost down to $5 each cloth!
Can u say awesome!? And they are such a fun company one girl got a $350 credit for sending the company cinna-buns.
I totally suggest you look them up on Facebook!

Not only do they have amazing prices but they send your merchandise super fast! They do not sit around waiting for paint to dry!

Check ’em out! Remember you can always sell it when u are done! For the best price out there, and lose little to no money!

Live Laugh Love


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Mason jars, burlap, and twine, oh my!

27 May

Ok I had to write about this!

I love the idea of a rustic looking wedding! I love all the character that it adds, and with some small touches it can look truly elegant and not back woods! Lol

Here are some pics of how I brought the three together to make a beautiful table setting. I will include links to other sites that may be able to bring you more inspiration as well!

(I wrapped alot of the mason jars in lace for a girlie feel)



Live laugh love

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Book Review: Handmade Wedding

27 May

I recently bought the book”handmade Weddings from Hobby Lobby (orig. $24.95, use a coupon $16)

I was a little iffy about getting it because all “handmade” stuff is not cute. Lol. So i flipped a few pages, like what I saw so i bought it.
(didn’t want to cheapin’ it by going thru each project in the book)

All in all the book seems helpful.
Each project has a “key for helping you plan ahead, budget, and prepare to craft” says the authors of HANDMADE WEDDINGS as they explain how to use the book.

The book is split up into 6 sections based on the style of your wedding. For instance there is a “modern classic” and “retro homespun” section just to name a couple.

My wedding is a bit eclectic so I have found something I like in all six sections.

Here are some pics of a couple projects I like (I totally recommend this book).




(images and quote from the book Handmade Weddings by Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle, and Shana Faust. Photographs by Joseph De Leo per the books cover)

DIY Floral Arrangement

21 May

I am sure you have seen those beautiful floral arrangements online, in a magazine, or at a friend or family’s wedding and thought

What kind of flowers are those?
Must have cost a fortune to have real flowers arrangements.
I want something like that at my wedding.

Well its not very difficult and can be rather in expensive. When I went to my cousin’s wedding in October those questions ran thru my mind. I fell in love with the way she presented them in addition to the arrangement.

So here is what i did:

1. Ask your friend or family member where he/she got their flowers.
( i know you r thinking, duh Keila. But u will be amazed what you forget when you are occupied with other aspects of the wedding 😉 )

2. My cousin went to The Grower’s box website and ordered her flowers. I dont know about you but i dont trust online shopping 100% , so i need to touch, feel, and tryout what i want to do.
Unfortunately the grower’s box only placed bulk orders (here is the moral lol) ask them for an ARRANGEMENT RECIPE.
The recipe will include all the flowers in the arrangement, the number of each bloom you will need, and the total.

3. What if you found exactly what you want online and u cant tell a dendrobium from a ranunculus (lol… Who can?? And yes those r flower names, lmbo!) Go to your local flower market with your picture and they should be able to look at your picture and break down what flower is in the arrangement and a guess on how many u may need.

Lessons learned from my trip:
1. Take a jacket, flowers r kept in a huge fridge and it is freezing!

2. If u are not a flower expert dont even try to pick around the selection, find someone and tell them what you want to do

3. ARRANGEMENT RECIPE does NOT NOT NOT mean they will tell you how to arrange the flowers (lol.. A bit of false advertising, huh? Lmbo)You will have to dig down deep into the creative person you know u can be and just put them in the green floral foam (dont remember the official name). Or you can take a class

Here are some links I went to that helped me understand floral arranging, they may be helpful

How to make a perfect low arrangement (my fav)

How to arrange flowers in style

And here is my first college try at floral arrangement. I love the way it came out. I will say i put the bulk roses in first and then filled in with the other smaller flowers. But do as YOU like. Absolutely NO ONE will say “why did she put that Peonies next to that rose, yuk, tacky!!”


(I will have another post of how I made and distressed the box that the flowers are in)

Live like its ur last
Love often
and Laugh the bad times away


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DIY Wedding decor: chalkboard paint

20 May

I have recently fell in love with Martha Stewarts chalkboard paint! It has to be the best stuff on earth right now. Other adjectives I would use are “nifty”, “neat”, and “awesome”!

You can get this amazing substance from your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Here are some things I did with

If you want instructions I got them from this website:
DIY Chalkboard, Here Comes The Bride sign



Dude, will you be my best man?

8 Feb

Sooo guys you looking for a cool way to ask your boys if they will be in ur wedding without losing ur man card? Lol.
Here is a super cool way to do it! From the wedding chicks!!

Click the source link to get the template for this DIY project.